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Nominations are now open for the Chamber of Commerce 2015 Annual Business Awards. Nominations are being accepted in the following categories. Please click here for award categories and nomiation forms. Deadline for nominations is August 14, 2015.

Annapolis, MD (September, 2014) – The Annapolis and Anne Arundel County Chamber of Commerce (AAACCC) announced today that Cathy Shaw has joined their team as Director, Marketing and Communications. She is responsible for the AAACCC’s overall communications, marketing, and membership development efforts with a focus on advancing the organization’s strategic objectives and serving member needs.

Small Business Digest

Maryland grants residents access to two of the largest metropolitan areas in the nation, and, on average, it is the wealthiest of all 50 states and the District of Columbia. In short, it offers ample opportunity for young families to settle down and raise their kids ... Read more!

With an annual median household income of $71,122, Maryland is the richest state in America, 24/7 Wall St. said, citing U.S. Census Bureau's 2012 American Community Survey (ACS) ... Read more!

BUSINESSWEEK - The agency is waiving its upfront, 2 percent loan-guarantee fee for those smaller loans and reduce a monthly guarantee fee paid by the lenders by 3/10 of a percent. The SBA didn’t announce an end date for waiving the fees. The changes mean small business owners borrowing $150,000 will no longer have to come up with $2,550 in upfront fees at the time the loan closes. That will help many of the Main Street retailers, service businesses, craft breweries, and car dealerships that apply for SBA-guaranteed loans ... Read more!

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Maximizing Chamber Membership

Membership Opportunities & Return on Investment

As one of the largest and most active Chamber of Commerce’s in central Maryland, the Annapolis and Anne Arundel County Chamber of Commerce, Inc. knows that businesses join the Chamber of Commerce for many different reasons. When those many reasons are collectively considered, they center on four primary values that businesses derive from their Chamber of Commerce membership. Most Chamber members consider themselves to be active in more than one of the value-based areas below.

Are you a Community Investor?
If so, then you and your business seek to advance the community by supporting and influencing initiatives that continue to generate positive growth, economic development, and quality of life for the region. You and your employees can:

  1. Become active in the Chamber of Commerce Foundation, which supports charitable and non-profit initiatives in the region.

  2. Participate on the Chamber of Commerce Education Committee, which seeks to prepare our youth for tomorrow’s workforce.

  3. Participate on the Chamber of Commerce Environmental Committee, which seeks to enhance the quality of life in our region and identify best business practices for an increasing environmentally conscience consumer marketplace.

  4. Become involved in recognizing and promoting business excellence through participation on the Chamber of Commerce Business Hall of Fame and Business Awards Committee.

Are you a Community Builder?
If so, then you and your business seek to improve the regional economy and our quality of life by serving on committees, taskforces and boards directly involved in planning for the future of the region. You and your employees can:

  1. Become active in the Chamber of Commerce Economic Development Committee, which promotes a strong and diversified economy throughout our region.

  2. Participate on the Chamber of Commerce Government Matters Committee, which promotes favorable business legislation and regulations in our region.

  3. Become active in the Chamber of Commerce annual regional business exposition, which heightens the awareness of the important role businesses have in our regional economy and publishes for the region an annual state of the economy.

Are you a Business Investor?
If so, then you and your business seek to improve your company’s bottom line by taking advantage of the many opportunities and programs offered through Chamber membership to save money and enhance your knowledge.  You and your employees can:

  1. Have access to the Chamber of Commerce Advantage Program that promotes preferred business-to-business and business-to-consumer pricing for goods and services.

  2. Become a participant in the Chamber of Commerce Logo Program, which promotes branding, visibility, and exposure for your business as a company known for high standards and excellence.

  3. Have immediate access to Chamber of Commerce resources, and referrals to strategic partners that will help your business grow, such as SCORE, Small Business Administration, Anne Arundel Workforce Development Center, Small Business Development Center, and much more.

  4. Have access to the Virtual Chamber of Commerce 24 hours a day throughout the year, plus receive the Chamber of Commerce weekly E-Newsletter featuring current events, hot topics and member news.

  5. Receive the complete annual Membership Directory and Resource Guide, as well as many other Chamber publications that will keep your business on top of the most important issues and information for our region.

Are you a Business Builder?
If so, then you and your business seek to grow your company by participating in the many networking opportunities offered by the Chamber of Commerce and connecting with other business members to gain visibility, enhance your knowledge, and build your customer base. You and your employees can:

  1. Attend over 30 networking events hosted by the Chamber of Commerce throughout the year.

  2. Attend special joint business events with key regional partners.

  3. Participate in members-only Chamber of Commerce Business Development Groups.

  4. Receive preferred business referrals.

  5. Have access to Chamber of Commerce member mailing lists and targeted business queries.

  6. Have access to advertising and promotional opportunities across a suite of Chamber of Commerce communications products.

  7. Participate in business and event-based sponsorship opportunities.